The most efficient way to boost incremental sales is with promotional reward campaigns.

That’s why leading global brands work with us in over 20 markets from China to Chile.


The most efficient way to boost sales volume is with promotional rewards campaigns. That’s why we became experts in driving repeat purchase behaviour.


We are certified as 100% ethical in sourcing. And that’s not all. We are protecting the rainforest. This year, we’ve already protected over 3 million square meters of endangered tropical rainforest.


We like facts. It would be an exaggeration to say we love them. We love chocolate and art and democracy. But facts help us move people, drive sales and grow brands. We have a whole white paper full of facts about how effective promotional rewards campaigns are. Check it out.

More Facts

According to a recent Nielsen study we commissioned, 59% of people surveyed say promotional reward campaigns motivate them to buy a specific brand.

56% say short-term promotional reward campaigns motivate them to buy more frequently from a retailer.

44% say short-term promotional reward campaigns motivate them to spend more than they otherwise would.

43% say short-term promotional reward campaigns motivate them to switch brands.

Experience is our advantage.

Promotional campaigns are like icebergs, you don’t see 90% of what’s involved. And finding a Chinese manufacturer that’s reliable, ethical and certified as environmentally friendly. We have the contacts and experience to manage the entire process, including manufacturing, logistics, customs and inventory management, as well as contracts, licensing and finance where required.

Great rewards are the only medium that customers want to pay for

The rewards we create are innovative physical and digital products. Things people really want to get their hands on. So much so that they’ll buy them. It’s actually the only marketing medium that customers pay for themselves. Please read that last sentence again. And then call us.

We practise what we preach and reward our clients.

Assume we come up with a rewards campaign that moves people to start buying from your brand. We have a unique policy of donating money to protect 1 m2 of tropical rainforest for every single reward product we produce.

So, if you order 100,000 products, we protect 100,000m2 of rainforest. So far, we’ve already protected over 3,85 almost 7 million square metres of tropical forest around the world. Because we’re partners of the Rainforest Trust, an organisation that saves the rainforest by buying it. And we think it’s brilliant. Learn more about their work here.