Nice to meet you! Anne Gombert

It is quite nice to get to know the BrandBase employees a little better. Today we put a few questions to the chairman of the party committee.

I understand that in addition to being chairman of the party committee, you are mainly a project manager.
For which customers are you currently doing that?

I mainly work for ABN AMRO and Shell. These are multinationals, so I deal with different departments. For example, I am in contact with Shell Pernis & Moerdijk Communication, for the social investment department. At the moment also with Shell Brands International with whom we are preparing for the F1 in Zandvoort! At ABN AMRO I usually deal with the Sponsoring, Brand & Foundation department and the Marketing and Communication department.

You have to choose: “the big picture” or “the devil is in the details”
Good question. Sometimes I wish I was more of the big picture, but both my strength and my pitfall are the devils in the details. Where often the broad outlines have already been drawn, I can see all the details in front of me.

Which case from the past few years are you most proud of?
There have been many interesting cases that I have been able to work on in recent years. But what I am most proud of is the ABN AMRO MeesPierson 300th anniversary in which we cut the largest painting that Klibansky’s ever commissioned into 40,000 pieces. Every customer or employee received such a unique piece, pasted on a beautiful card and sent to their home. In this way, everyone was connected and this anniversary was celebrated together a bit, despite corona. This was a fantastic case to work for, both creatively and in production.

The BrandBase party committee. Tell a little more about that!
Gladly! The nice thing about BrandBase is that there is always room for a party! And that attention may also be paid to this. My passion is to connect. With people, but also with groups. This side job came to me very naturally. It is so important that, in addition to the hard work, fun things are also done with colleagues! That only benefits cooperation! The party committee organizes, for example, the monthly/weekly BrandBase drinks, but also the large theme parties such as Halloween parties (which once got completely out of hand… Ooops), the after party of Generation Discover or the big Christmas party! But there have also been great trips. Now that we are all eagerly waiting for everything to open a bit again, we have come up with the CoronaCountdownCalender where we count down until we can go on a big trip!