The Walt Disney Company

An Epic Saga in remote-controlled excitement.

Volume increase 8,7%
1.4m Total units sold

Nostalgia meets
futuristic fun

Discover the innovative intersection of nostalgia and technology with Star Wars™ Racers. This collection reimagines iconic characters as detailed, remote-controlled cars, elevating playtime to an immersive experience.

Racing in a Virtual Galaxy

The Star Wars™ Mobile Experience brings the saga to life. Engage in virtual challenges and races, transforming physical play into an expansive digital adventure.

Remote control, unique designs

The Star Wars™ Mobile Experience includes a dynamic remote control feature. Each car comes with an app skin that matches both the vehicle’s design and its Star Wars™ character, offering a distinct, immersive control experience.

Galactic Presence

The Star Wars™ Racers initiative, starting in Malaysia with Shell, aims to attract fans worldwide, revolutionising the world of interactive toys and collectibles.


Market-specific toolkits

Our Star Wars promotion features a market-specific campaign toolkit, ensuring a tailored experience for fans in every corner of the galaxy. The toolkit adapts to captivate audiences and bring the Star Wars magic to life.

The simple
secret behind
premium success

In an extensive research, we analysed data from tens of dozens of promotional campaigns from the past five years. When we reviewed the impact of those campaigns, we discovered a highly effective success factor. Results showed that sticker-based promotions lead to exceptionally good ROI rates.