BMW M Salt Water Cars and Sugarcane Racetracks

The BMW M Salt Water Cars and Sugarcane Racetracks is a global promotion to drive Shell retail business. 

Volume increase 8,7%
1.4m Total units sold

The product is new & innovative, highly collectible, sustainably led, has multi level playability and is STEM educational.

A series of innovative toy cars with electric engines that are powered by salt water. In addition, we developed the first ever racetracks made of bagasse. A 100% compostable organic material. Bagasse is the fibrous matter that remains after sugar cane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. This juice is the basis of ethanol, the world’s leading biofuel.

The Sugarcane Racetracks allow children to create their own configurations, collaborate with others and then see their cars race around the very track they have just built.


Shell uses premium sales promotions to drive loyalty, grow market share, increase fuel volumes and the penetration level of their premium fuels. And that is exactly what this global promotion managed to do. With more than X.X million units sold across the globe. 

The promotion was able to significantly increase sales volume of fuels during the campaign periods. In a few of the countries that participated in the promotion, the incremental B2C fuel volume results nearly tripled in performance compared to other recent promotions and campaigns in similar periods.



The promotional opportunity with Shell not only has a significant commercial value but at the same time allows us to showcase Shell’s focus on sustainability in everything they do. A focus that is fully aligned with the global strategy for Shell promotions for a sustainably produced product that minimises waste.

Shell Racing platform

In addition the Shell Racing mobile app allows customers to build tracks and race their cars digitally as well, extending the engagement and allowing for play on the go, not just at home.