Coffee Glass

We needed to help Shell sell food, not just fuel.

The Challenge

Shell was introducing Deli2Go, its new quick-serve food brand at fuel stations around the world.

We needed to drive sales and raise awareness around Deli2Go and the quality of its food and drinks.

The Solution

We designed a promotional campaign around an elegant double-walled coffee glass that displays the rich colours of freshly brewed coffee and prevents burned fingers.

With every 25 litres of fuel purchased, Shell customers were given a free coffee glass.

The glass came in Deli2Go-branded packaging to raise awareness and communicate that drivers can always enjoy great food and drinks on the road.


The glasses effectively connected fuel sales with food sales and boosted the sales volumes of both.

Particularly popular among women, the Shell Coffee Glass drove preference and repeat purchases among female drivers and also male drivers whose partners encouraged them to fill up at Shell more often to expand their set of glasses.