National Postcode Lottery

Recycled Plastic Backpack

Support good causes that strive to make this a fairer and greener world.

The Challenge

Half of the National Postcode Lottery’s income is donated to 107 different charitable organisations that make the planet greener, safer and more just.

We needed to prove that commitment to improving the world and encourage lottery players to choose the National Postcode Lottery over other Dutch lotteries

The Solution

Single-use plastic is choking waterways and endangering marine life around the world.

So we turned NPL’s ethical message into a desirable medium by creating a sustainable prize that lottery players could win every month—a backpack made of 18 recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles, removed from waterways by people in vulnerable coastal communities who are employed by the Plastic Bank.


This is the third consecutive year NPL has produced our enormously popular recycled bottle backpack.

It can be seen on backs all over the Netherlands, proudly worn by NPL prize winners who display their contribution to a better world.