Saltwater Cars 

Jam-packed full of science, fun, speed, creativity and environmental goodness, your Salt Water Supercars look fantastic.

The Challenge

Shell is committed to STEM education. Empowering children to actively shape the world around them.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is at the very core of preparing future generations to be equipped in shaping the world for the better. It boosts the curiosity in the kids, making the learning process fun, relevant and everlasting. With the Salt-Water Cars promotion we give substance to this commitment, while also driving repeat purchase.

The Solution

We invented a totally new promotional item

A collectible range of Shell Saltwater Supercars powered by our own proprietary batteries that run entirely on saltwater. We also created a racetrack made entirely of bagasse, 100% biodegradable organic waste material from sugar cane.

Each time drivers filled up at a Shell station, they were offered stickers to collect.

With enough stickers and a small additional payment, they were rewarded at the Shell station with one of the collectable Shell Supercars or a piece of racetrack. Customers could collect a whole range of Shell Supercars and enough bits of racetrack to build their own unique circuit.


The campaign increased incremental fuel sales volume, customer basket sizes and Shell’s market share.

And it showcased Shell’s commitment to sustainability by giving parents a fun way to talk to their kids about renewable energy.