Gall & Gall WineStax® – modular wine rack 

The Challenge

How can you sell more wine, attract (new) customers and make sure they keep coming back to your (online) store?

The solution

WineStax® is a modular wine rack that is growing with your collection.
They fit in every room. Go tall, or go big. It’s the perfect wine rack for every wine lover.

With every 6 bottles of wine or when activating Gall & Gall Premium customers were given a free WineStax®. The giftbox fits through a letter box and contains one unit that carries up to three bottles.

WineStax® units can be put together to extend the number of bottles. Putting it together is just a matter of seconds. The WineStax® are made of steel and have a matt black finish.


The promotion was able to significantly increase volume of wine sales during the campaign period, as well as introducing a large group of (new) customers to the Gall & Gall premium membership.